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How to Aim Darts for Better Accuracy

Did you start playing darts or have you been at it for some time now? If so, you may have learned basic moves and even expert techniques. Darting has actually several components, but sometimes it boils down to how you throw. When you aim, what do you think about? Do you simply look at your target and hope that you do not miss? Have you watched enough darting videos that you believe you have mastered the right method?

Before you get too excited that you begin to join a league, you may want to improve your aiming first. If you throw a dart and it lands to your desired destination, four to five times out of 10 – believe it or not – you still need practice.

Can You Throw Like a Pro?

Practicing does not mean you are not good enough. It simply means you can become better. With darts (and even with any activity or sport), you can get better with a bit of practice. The most crucial step is to aim the right way.

In truth, there is no one-size-fits-all solution in throwing darts. One method can work with another individual but it will not work for you. The strategy here, however, is to be patient and dedicated. You need to have the passion to learn because it can take several tries before you find the one that suits you best.

The essential thing in dart throwing is consistency. In order for you to throw well, you should find your own style and grip. Instead of copying another person’s way of throwing, you should discover what works for you. You know it is the right method when you feel comfortable with it and you get good results consistently.

The Components of Successful Dart-Throwing

So you want to take your game to a whole new level. Perhaps your circle of friends is good at the game. Perhaps you want to impress some people. It does not matter what your reason is that it is possible to become better than you are today and even reach expert levels.

Trial and error is the key to discovering what you need for your dart action. After trying various styles, you will eventually find the one for you.

It is not the time to rejoice though. You still need to keep practicing even when you hit the bulls-eye more frequently than ever. The aim is to feel that each throwing action has become second nature to you.

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Here are effective tips that will enhance aiming and of course, throwing:

Does your body keep moving? Stop this habit immediately.

You may have seen other people doing different kinds of movements as they throw. Typically, they have developed this style or technique as they learned which is why it works for them. However, it is highly recommended to minimize your movement.

Ask the pros and they will tell you to stay still. When playing darts, your shoulder is a critical part of your body. It has to be as motionless as possible. Even small movements can cause your shoulder to stray off, which of course, will result in a missed shot.

Release consistently.

When practicing, you need to be steady. All parts of your body should remain still aside from your throwing arm. There is a hot debate among players around the world regarding when to release the dart. Many players believe that the right way is to throw early but there are also others who think releasing should be in the final second.

Despite what other people may tell you, the best way for you to find out is to practice. Try out different strategies, including when to release the dart. It is vital that you are comfortable every time you throw. Once you figure it out, you will just throw without thinking yet still hit the bulls-eye.

Find a sight line.

Everyone has a unique grip but some work better than others as they try to accurately aim the dart. A sight line is helpful with this process. Here, you consider your dart grip and use it to find the way to align better. An example is to have your knuckle sticking up. Some people choose to have their little finger guiding their aim.

Other players tend to use the darts themselves. They take the tip of the dart and use it as the marker to help them aim more accurately. A sight line varies from one individual to another. It does not matter what it is for you because it is simply what helps you be more consistent with your throws.

Take advantage of your elbow.

You want to throw with better precision, right? One effective way is to stick your elbow in. If you do not know what it is like, simply look at baseball pitchers. You can see how they use their elbows to their advantage as they lead the pitch when they throw the ball to the direction they want.

Darting has the same principle. Therefore, you can apply the mentioned technique and get great results as well. The first step to this method is to assess your elbow and your throwing arm. One thing to remember is to be aware where your throwing arm’s elbow is, including the direction it is pointing.

Here is a tip: You will aim better if your elbow is up and pointing right at the board. If you have been having difficulties with your throw, it just might be because your elbow is pointing downward.

Learn the vertical and horizontal methods of aiming.

Aiming requires you to do both horizontal and vertical.

To understand better, here are the instructions for horizontal aim:

  1. With your eye on the target, walk toward the board but make sure to stop at the foul line.
  2. Your throwing foot should be at or behind the line. It helps when your throwing foot is aligned with your target.
  3. Hold up your arm to the board with your eye still on the target.
  4. Use where the shaft and the dart flight come together as your starting point.

For vertical aim, do the following: 

  1. Have a certain point on the dartboard that you wish to hit.
  2. Pull your forearm slowly to the back.
  3. Throw the dart, releasing it in an air-to-air path.

As you continue practicing, you can modify your aiming point, whether it is up or down until you hit the target. If you are off-target, a small stance adjustment can fix the problem. Start by evaluating your feet and place them at a slightly different angle than your last one.

Last words

Keep doing this method until you hit the spot that you want. It is clear that excellent dart aiming takes practice but it will not take long for you to grasp the concept of throwing. After all, your brain has picked up ballistic trajectories for years, which makes you naturally proficient at aiming.

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