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Different Types of Dartboards – Full Guide

A game of darts is as entertaining as trying to shop for the perfect dartboard. Since there are a number of dart games, you can never really expect that there is only one type of dartboard. Shopping for a dartboard has become overwhelming for those who never really had any background on the game of darts.

Lucky for you, this guide will help you pick the right dartboard for your next game of darts.

What are the elements to look for when buying a dartboard?

  • Surface

Most of the time, dartboards are made from sisal fiber, wood, paper, straw, and other kinds of plastic materials. Furthermore, you should know that any type of dartboard does not make use of fur or hair. When it comes to the surface of a dartboard, this heavily focuses on giving the player a surface with bristles that easily heal for longevity.

  • Inks

A standard dartboard would typically have a bristle that allows food grade inks to penetrate deeply into it. Shopping for a good dartboard entails finding one that retains high visibility, has a low glare, is environmentally friendly, and has ample color strength.

  • Bladed Bulls

Bladed bulls require a razor-bladed inner and outer bullseye. This eliminates the bouncing rate of the board giving the player a higher scoring potential.

  • Hanging

This aspect allows the player or user to easily hang the dartboard without risk of any type of rotation while playing.

  • Wire

A thinner wire provides higher visibility and a lower glare.

  • Density level and depth

The optimal density level and depth are for deeper penetration, lesser bouncing rate, and of course, a higher scoring potential.

  • Composite Edging

A composite edging eases the player into a number ring rotation.

What are the different types of dartboards?

Now that we have established some of the most basic elements seen in a dartboard, let us proceed to the different types of boards.

Regular Board

Starting off with the regular board, this is a general description of dartboards because it has all of the standard elements. As long as a board can allow the players to play a decent game of darts, it has already fallen under the category of a regular board.

The other types of boards which will be mentioned below will stem from a regular board. Some of the most basic elements of a dartboard include the inner bullseye, the outer bullseye, triple ring, and double ring.

Yorkshire Board or Kent Doubles

The Yorkshire board is actually considered as a forerunner of the London fives. A Yorkshire board does not possess an outer bullseye nor a treble bed. Nonetheless, it still has a standard numbering system. It also allows a player to score a 50 but the target is much smaller as compared to the bullseye in a regular dartboard.

Irish Black Dartboard

An Irish black dartboard is quite the same with the Yorkshire dartboard; the only difference between the two is that the Irish black dartboard is totally black. It does not feature the typical red and green colors you see in most dartboards. Nonetheless, the rules in playing darts with an Irish black dartboard still remains.

Electronic Board

With our technological advancements, humans are bound to innovate an electronic dartboard; this is a type of dartboard that can be used to a wider set of players. For one, these dartboards can be used by children and are ideal for a family-friendly occasion. It first appeared in 1977 in the United States of America.

It consists of thousands of small holes covering the board’s surface. When a player scores, it is automatically recorded. Now, electronic dartboards are used by professional players.

Ipswich Board or London Fives

The London fives, also known as the Ipswich board, east end fives, narrow fives, or wide fives, is made up of 12 segments including an inner and outer bullseye and a double and treble plus. The main game would be a 505 instead of the standard 501. This is the standard dartboard used in the East End of London. Moreover, the Ipswich board or London fives has the same setup.

Lincoln Board

A Lincoln dartboard does not typically have a 25 point surround, also commonly referred to as an outer bullseye. These do not have any trebles and its characteristics are all black. It is made in the Lincoln style layout which makes room for differences with that of a standard dartboard layout. Furthermore, the Lincoln board is somewhat similar to the Yorkshire dartboard; however, possesses the elements and characteristics of a Lincolnshire all-black surface.

Manchester Log-end Dartboard

The Manchester log-end board is considered as one of the hardest dartboards to play. It has unique elements that are not found in modern dartboards. Most of the Manchester log-end dartboards are made from wood, are double-sided, and are typically handmade. It is also made using UK Elm. Due to its small playing area, this board has been labeled as the hardest board to play in the history of dart throwing.

The Manchester log-end board features a different set of numbers as follows: 4 – 20 – 1 – 16 – 6 – 17 – 8 – 12 – 9 – 14 – 5 – 19 – 2 – 15 – 3 – 18 – 7 – 11 – 10 – 13. The board surface is all black allowing the metal dividers to be easily seen by players and viewers. This dartboard requires to be immersed in water when it is not in use, which is an interesting way of ensuring the board’s quality. The reason for this act is that it will allow the board to not easily dry out resulting in splitting tendencies during a game of darts.

Due to the extreme nature of producing  Manchester log-end boards, supply for this type of board is difficult to find. The commercial dependability of this board is based on Dave Mealey, the only person manufacturing these kinds of dartboards. Nonetheless, the turnaround time for its production is super fast due to the fact that these boards need to be kept underwater.

Last words

Whichever dartboard you choose, it is important to recognize the fact that a game of darts can be played in so many ways. By figuring out whether or not you will be using a professional dartboard or a family-friendly dartboard, you can easily narrow down your search for the right dartboard to use.

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