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Best Electronic Dart Board for Home in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for fun for friends, family, or a party, look no further than a game of darts. Whether playing on teams or as individuals, taking on a dart board is the way to promote fun and the spirit of friendly competition during gatherings. An electronic dart board is perfect to make the game feel alive. Game types, player management, and score management are just a few of the possibilities provided with an electronic board. Below is some insightful information on the top 10 electronic dart boards, which is perfect to assist in your selection.

Our Top 5 Choices:

Before diving into the reviews, here is a summary of a couple of the key features of top boards:

Editor's Choice
Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with NylonTough Segments...
Max Number of Players
Best Look
Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Combo Pro...
Max Number of Players
Arachnid Marauder 5.0 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Cabinet Set
Max Number of Players
Best Price
Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard, Quick Access To 301 And Countup From...
Max Number of Players
Viper by GLD Products Ion Electronic Dartboard, Illuminated Segments,...
Max Number of Players

Best Electronic Dart Boards of October, 2021 – Reviews

Now that you have a basic idea of the offerings of each board, it’s time to dive into the reviews. The intention here is to ensure that you are as familiar as possible (from an objective standpoint) with each board pre-purchase. Are you ready to be blown away?

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard – The Only Board with a Personality

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 reviewThe first board to be reviewed is one of the most sophisticated, most entertaining ones on the market. The Cricket Pro 800 from Arachnid is one of the most popular boards not only for casual throwers, but it is also the selected board for many professionals.

Entertainment Value

While the board has a professional look and feel, there’s no denying that it knows how to be casual and entertaining as well.

The Cricket Pro 800 has a heckler button that is the stuff of legend. Are you the type of person who enjoys so-called constructive criticism for your off throws? Well, with the heckler feature enabled this board holds no punches as it lets you know just how awful you are by hurling insults for every bad throw.

Apart from the board’s motivational skills, it uses the spice of variety to help keep you entertained. If you don’t want the game to feel repetitive, the Cricket Pro 800 has 39 different games (seven of which are cricket games) with over 179 variations. This means that you and other players can have endless fun with the benefit of choice.

Are you a beginner at darts or an expert? It really doesn’t matter for this board as the Cricket Pro 800 is built for all skill levels. The games included allow for different difficulty settings and can accommodate up to eight players.

So, if you have a small crowd or a big one, no problem at all. The scores of each player are tracked and displayed on the included Jumbo X/O LED display for the viewing pleasure of all. The beauty of the display is the clarity and brightness that allows it to be viewed from a distance. Awesome, right?


The Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard is built for excellent playability as it consists of NylonTough segments. Furthermore, the micro-thin segment dividers are built to maintain the flow of the game (and reduce your frustration) through reduced bounce outs.

One of the biggest appeals to dart enthusiasts is the fact that it meets the regulation size of a 15.5-inch target area. This makes it perfect for tournament use and practice. It also has a classic look with a traditional blend of red, black, and yellow.

The board is shipped with six soft tips darts, extra dart tips, an AC adapter, components for mounting, instructions, and an operating manual.

  • Great display screen that is viewable from a distance
  • Many options to customize play
  • Full one-year warranty guaranteed
  • Easy to setup
  • Heckler button provides additional entertainment at three levels from mild to unforgiving
  • Doesn’t last very long
  • Electronics intermittently malfunction

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard – The Sweetest Looking Board Available

Viper Neptune

Playing darts on your board is wonderful but do you enjoy admiring it when it’s not being used? If so, you may want to consider the sleek-looking Neptune Electronic Dartboard made by Viper.


The Viper Neptune is designed to meet regulations as it has a target area of 15.5 inches. This target area consists of a cool blend of red, silver, and black. It is also made of tried and tested tough segments, which make use of commercial grade nylon.

It’s always nice to have a reduced chance of missing shots, isn’t it? Well, the design is also made to reduce bounce outs as it has an ultra-thin spider. This means there is a larger surface area for play, which results in closer shot groupings.

Furthermore, there is a huge catch ring that encloses the target. This provides a whole 360-degree landing zone that protects your walls from any damage that would result from missed shots. Of course, you have no need to worry about accurate score keeping as the board takes care of that and wraps it up on a nice LCD display.

Remember what was said earlier about a sleek look that can be admired? The Viper Neptune not only looks great with the color scheme but has a visually stunning wooden cabinet. The cabinet functions as an enclosure for your board when it’s not in use and it also functions as a storage area for your darts as it accommodates two sets of three (one set is stored on each door).

Along with the cabinet, the board includes six starter darts for you to get your game on, necessary mounting components, and an external power supply adapter. Just in case you have any issues, the Viper Neptune comes with a one-year warranty.

Entertainment Value

The Viper Neptune offers variety as is boasts a total of 57 games with 307 options. If you have a large or a small audience whether it be family or friends, your only worry should be space to fit them. If you enjoy a big game, then it should thrill you that the board accommodates up to 16 concurrent players.

  • Lots of gameplay variation available
  • Large number of concurrent players
  • Great look and classy design
  • One-year warranty available
  • Cabinet (especially doors) is not made of the best quality wood
  • Dart quality is cheap
  • Dead spots on the board
  • Darts sometimes go unregistered

Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard – The Board for Your Games Room

Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder dartboard

The next board on the list is the Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard from Arachnid. This is a visually pleasing board with a look that can complement your entertainment room, giving you a nice place to setup so you can have an awesome time with your friends and family.


What makes the board look so good? It has a stunning classic color scheme that mixes black, red, and yellow. It is designed in a cabinet style with a cool black color that isn’t going to clash with anything around it. It is also worth discussing the wooden doors that act as a shield for your board and as a storage area for your darts.

The Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 has a target area of 14 inches. Of course, being smaller than regulation size does impact its ability to be considered for tournament practice and play. No worries though as it does not take away from the fun. The board is shipped with six soft tips darts, extra tips, and an AC adapter.

Entertainment Value

The main purpose of the board is to provide you with an enjoyable gaming session, right? The Arachnid Marauder has a total of 38 games with 137 different options available. This board is built for your small, intimate gatherings as it provides support for up to four players.

Do you enjoy practicing or playing alone? No problem as the board effortlessly supports solo play. Additionally, you can make use of the heckler feature to make your games and practice runs more interesting and intense with a few insults for your missed throws.

Your only concern here should be having fun as the board takes care of all the overhead.

Scores are managed electronically, and the screen displays them beautifully as it boasts nine colorful scoring windows with a large sized footprint. There are four dedicated displays for scoring that use an X/O format.

  • Great look to complement your games room or entertainment area
  • Useful for single player or small games
  • Heckler feature to make games interesting
  • Good customer service
  • Included darts are cheaply made
  • Short life span
  • Sound malfunctions
  • Doesn’t support third party darts as most heavier darts than the provided ones do not stick

Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard – The Popular Big Party Board

Viper 797 details

The 797 Electronic Dashboard from Viper is one of the most compact boards on the market. The design lends itself to everything being in proximity to each other within a small boundary. Of course, as is customary with Viper dartboards they go through a testing and approval process before being put out for sale.

Entertainment Value

Small party? Big party? Need options? If any of these factors matter to you then you may want to consider this versatile board. The Viper 797 Dartboard allows you to enjoy dart throwing with up to 15 other people.

There is a total of 43 games with 240 options to keep you coming back for a varied experience every time. Just in case you don’t have enough human players (or any at all), the board provides the option of playing against the computer, which challenges you using its Minimax algorithm.

The Viper 797 has a brilliant LCD display to allow management and viewing of scores even from as far away as the throw line.


The dartboard is designed to meet quality standards and is eligible for professional play and practice with a target face of 15.5 inches. It is sturdily constructed using thermoplastic for the purpose of promoting longevity. Wall protection is built into the design as the board has a 360 outer barrier to capture missed darts in the form of a landing zone.

A large surface area is always good for close, competitive games, right? The Viper 797 has an ultra-thin spider, which means there is more space for darts allowing for close shot groupings. This increases the likelihood of successful shots, which helps to maintain a smooth game flow.

The interface is conveniently located below the target area between the game list and the scoreboard. It is user friendly and allows for simplistic navigation for operating the board. All the buttons are conveniently labeled with their functionalities.

Little things like darts can be easy to lose, can’t they? Even if they’re not lost, such small items can wind up in unfortunate places and end up damaged or broken. The Viper 797 helps to prevent that as it has dart holsters to accommodate your darts for both storage and display purposes.

The Viper 797 is shipped with six starter darts, components for mounting, and the required external power supply adapter. Just in case you’re worried about things like defects, each purchase is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Low bounce out rate
  • Accommodates large number of players
  • Easy installation
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sound is low and may malfunction
  • Error codes may pop up for no reason.

Viper Ion Electronic Dartboards – The Most Innovative Board Available

Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

Next on the list of the top electronic dartboards is the Ion Electronic Dartboard by Viper. At first glance, you can tell that there is something different about this board. The color scheme and the fact that the board is illuminated both contribute to its ability to visually stand out.


The Viper Ion Dartboard is designed to endure consistent use. As with all Viper products, the nylon used to build the board has been target-tested and approved. Are you known for having a heavy-handed throw? If that is the case, this may be the board you want to consider as it is built to stand up to rough throws.

While most boards use classic color schemes with combinations made up of red, black, yellow, and white, this one does something a bit different. The color scheme here is a unique combination of blue, green, and black. This presents a stunning look on its own, which is even more enhanced by the backlighting.

The illumination is provided by a series of LED bulbs that reside under the board’s surface. Pretty neat, right?

Not only does the Viper Ion Dartboard look stunning, but it meets the professional size standard of having a 15.5-inch target area. This makes it suitable for use in both private and in professional contexts, for both competition and practice.

There are also no worries here of lost darts as the board has dart holsters on each side for all the darts included.

The dartboard ships with six starter soft tip darts, extra tips for the darts, an instruction manual for the games, and instructions for mounting.

Entertainment Value

The Viper Ion Dartboard is not only a unique board in aesthetic, but it is also unique in the sense of gameplay. While it boasts classic games like cricket in its simple form, it also puts a unique spin on some of them. As an example, there is an alternate Hidden Cricket Game, where segments on the board light up at random. They do not stay lit until they are hit. This is repeated until a player is declared the winner by hitting each number three times and opening them all.

Another interesting concept is a motion-based helicopter game where four segments light up and rotate in a clockwise direction. Hitting a moving target turns off the light. The player that manages to hit the last light wins. The addition of illumination creates numerous possibilities for this board and there are quite a few new games or modified versions of old games that are exclusive to this board with its illumination capabilities. To be exact, you get 17 games that are based on the lighting system. Isn’t that impressive?

The total amount of games here is 48 with an impressive 315 variations. You’re bound to be on an incredible journey of discovery for months to come as you try to do all there is to do with this board.

The Viper Ion supports up to eight players individually or in various team combinations. Scores for players are managed by the system and displayed on the built in LCD score display. If you have no one to play with then have no fear as there is a cyber player option available, which allows you to get into an interesting came with the computer.

  • Beautiful and unique design
  • Host of classic and new games to play alone or with friends
  • Easy to setup
  • Score display is bright and can be read from a distance
  • Can be operated on battery or AC power
  • Starter darts are cheap quality
  • Random error codes pop up that require a reboot to get rid of

Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Board – The Board with The Best Integration Features

Gran Board 3

After talking about one board with unique lighting, the discussion is going straight into another one. The next dartboard on the list is the Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Board, which has quite a unique look and some very interesting features to boot.

Entertainment Value

This dartboard stands out from the rest with its slew of unique features that allow it to interact with numerous technologies. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play darts with people that aren’t even in the same room as you are?

The Gran Board 3 is built to support online play, which allows you to take on challengers from around the world. No one to play with? No problem, as there is a single player feature that allows you to play with the computer at any of nine levels. The Gran Board 3 currently has 17 games with 41 variations, which you can enjoy with up to three other local or online players.

For scoring purposes and cool graphics, the Gran Board 3 connects with various devices such as iPads, Android, Smart TVs, and iPhones. As the applications for the board on these devices are updated, new games are continuously added to the board. Isn’t is great to think that there’s a constant flow of new content for you to explore?


The Gran Board 3 LED board is the standard size as it has a 15.5-inch target area. The body of the board is comprised of plastic while the back cover is made up of wood. There is a beautiful multi-color circular area that surrounds the various numbers on the board. When activated, it lights up with the various colors of the rainbow. There are no panels included for scoring as it is all managed from and displayed from the integrated applications.

The truth about dartboards is that parts of them malfunction and require replacement as they experience wear and tear. The Gran Board 3 is built to make this possible not only by making the replacements simple to execute, but also by making available every replacement part you may ever need. Sounds like your future with the board is secure, doesn’t it?

  • Great aesthetic with the LED lights
  • Integration with various platforms
  • Online and local play options available
  • Updates mean more content to look forward to in the future.
  • App can store profiles for players
  • Minimal bounce outs
  • Two power sources required for full functionality as batteries operate the board, but LED lighting requires a plug-in power source
  • Bluetooth compatibility requirement is restrictive
  • App can be glitchy

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard – Perfect Choice Under $100

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

The next board in the list is one of the more cost-effective options available. This is the Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard from WIN.MAX.

Entertainment Value

The board is designed to preserve your excitement as it boasts a lineup of 21 exciting games with 65 variations. Score keeping is no worry either as it is managed by the system and you can keep track by looking at the LCD display.

Score keeping can be managed in a variety of ways. First, games can be played individually as the board is able to manage four individual players. Team play is also supported in a way that allows up to eight players. The board manages team scores well if there are two teams consisting of either two, three or four players.

Do you need the motivation to keep your head in the game? The audio cues provided by the voice announcer are built to keep you on your toes. This holds true whether you are enjoying a fiercely contested game, a casual game, or just getting in some practice.


 It’s important to note that this board is not regulation size as the target area is 13.5 inches. The target area is surrounded by a wide catch ring. No need to worry about missing the target, right? The catch ring offers protection for your all and it prevents you from having to buy a surround attachment for that purpose.

The competition level is expected to remain at an all-time high as you and your friends or family as tight shot groupings are encouraged by the large surface area of the board and its ultra-thin spider design.

The design of the board brings off a classic look as it balances a combination of black, yellow and a touch of red and green in the design.

No need for you to worry about getting your game started as the WIN.MAX board ships with six soft tip darts, a whole 40 additional tips, an AC adapter, hardware for mounting, and a game manual. As the design of the board is conducive to the use of WIN.MAX tips, it is recommended to purchase them should replacements be required as tips from other factories may not give a very good experience.

  • LCD display to maintain and indicate score
  • Voice announcer is great for maintaining game’s spirit
  • Lots of extra tips provided
  • Cost effective
  • Two power supply alternatives available
  • Tips are prone to breaking
  • Board not conducive to off brand tips

Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard – The Board with The Most Variety

Viper 777 review

The next board on the list is another entry from Viper. This is the cost-effective Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard. This is the second dartboard on the list that slightly varies the traditional color scheme and is one of the more popular boards on the market.


The Viper 777 board is suitable for professional practice and play as it has the industry standard 15.5-inch target area. The board is professional quality in more than just size as the playing area is made up of thermal resin that is of tournament level quality. The purpose of the material is to ensure a durable surface for play that can bounce back from repeated use over time.

Protection for your walls is offered as a 360-degree landing zone surrounds the target area. Hopefully, this means missed shots should be less of a serious concern (unless of course, your aim is far off).

The design of the Viper 777 has an ultra-thin spider, which minimizes missed shots due to the large surface area. Bounce outs (that can be very annoying) are also reduced with this construction model. The board boasts a well-lit LCD screen to display all the wonderful (or disappointing) scores.

The Viper 777 dartboard is bundled with six starter darts and components for mounting. There are two power options available (batteries or AC power) and both are sold separately.

Whether it is for the purpose of protecting your darts or just arranging them for display purposes, the board is equipped with two sets of three dart holsters located on each side.

Just in case you have any worries about any malfunctions or defects that may interrupt your game, a one-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided.

Entertainment Value

The Viper 777 is quite the cultured board as it boasts a voice option that has a bilingual functionality, which allows it to communicate in both English and Spanish. There is no greater level of variety on this list than that of this board. While 43 is a normal number for the games, the board has 320 variations along with this meaning that there is no end to the fun that you can have with your family and friends.

Up to eight players (including you of course) can enjoy all the unique variations and games. The Viper 777 offers all these players an even playing field to close the skill level gap if there is one as a handicap setting can be toggled on.

The interface is very simple as it has 10 useful buttons to get to the game you want with the customization options you need. A useful feature is the quick cricket shortcut. As the game is popular, the board allows you to begin it in a pinch.

  • Bilingual language feature
  • Simple setup
  • Numerous variations help to keep the board interesting
  • Handicap feature allows you to level the playing field
  • Bounce outs are reduced
  • Cost-effective
  • Power sources must be purchased separately
  • Board drains batteries quickly
  • Display can malfunction

Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard – The Board with The Coolest Looking Cabinet

Best Choice Products

The next dartboard in the list has the biggest dart starter pack of all. The Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard has a cool, sophisticated, and high-quality look.


The board brings a classic look to the table, which incorporates the colors black, white, red, and blue. This is a cabinet style board that looks incredibly detailed in both its open and its closed state.

Of course, with a cabinet style, protection is offered to both the board and the darts. Unlike the other boards mentioned, the Best Choice Products board has accommodation for and is shipped with 12 starter darts as opposed to six. Insane, don’t you think?

Scores are managed by the system and are nicely displayed on an integrated electronic LCD display. This display is flanked by seven function keys that contribute to navigating the interface to get to the games and options you need.

The Best Choice board offers the option of using battery power or AC power.

Entertainment Value

The Best Choice board can manage game scores for up to eight individual players. These players have a choice of 27 games, which can be modified through 216 unique variations providing no ends of fun. You do like fun, right?

The board has a smart feature, which allows it to go into a sleep state when it detects inactivity for 10 minutes.

  • Sleep feature allows for better power consumption
  • Storage available for twelve darts
  • Cool aesthetic with nicely built cabinet
  • Multiple options available for power
  • Starting dart quality is inferior
  • Unexplainable error codes

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard – The Most Cost-Effective Cheap Board Available

Fat Cat 727 review

The final board on the list is the cheapest one available and the one you should probably consider if you are on a tight budget. This review covers the 727 Electronic Dartboard by Fat Cat.


This board has a target area of 13 inches, which is a smaller surface than the regulation 15.5 inches. Though it may not be eligible for professional play, the Fat Cat 727 is perfect for casual use and it is very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry.

Despite the small size, it still has a wide catch ring that surrounds the target area and is responsible for stopping missed darts.

The look of the Fat Cat 727 is a classic one that just shouts classic as it uses a traditional combination of green, red, black, and yellow. To reduce bounce outs and provide more space for throws, the board has ultra-thin dividers, which allow more throws to hit the board. Power is exclusively provided via battery so no need for you to mount this near a power outlet.

The batteries are not provided and must be purchased. Not all required pieces have to be purchased, however, as the board is bundled with an instruction manual and six soft tip darts to get your game started.

Entertainment Value

The Fat Cat 727 offers players 18 games, which offer variety as they work in tandem with 96 different options. One of the options is controlled by a quick cricket button, which kicks off the popular game in a pinch. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

The board has a monochrome screen where it displays recorded scores in real time as games progress. Up to eight players are can go head to head and have their scores managed while they enjoy a fun game of darts. The Fat Cat 727 is so easy to setup and use that it is perfect for a wide range of skill levels (even those who are playing darts for the very first time).

  • Very cost effective
  • Low bounce out rate
  • Accurate in score keeping
  • Provided darts are cheaply made
  • Point calculation can be incorrect
  • Short life span

Best Electronic Dart Board for Home Use in 2020 – Buying Guide

Now that the product descriptions are out of the way, there are some technologies and features shared by these boards. You need to have an idea of exactly what these features are and what they mean for you. This is a crash course on everything you need to know about electronic dartboards prior to purchase.


This display is one of the most important features of an electronic board. The big idea of using an electronic board is the ability to turn over the responsibility of scorekeeping to the board. There is no way of knowing exactly where scores stand unless there is a display. Without it, you may as well be prepared to get your notebook and pencil to record scores.

Having a display is half the battle as one that can’t be seen is just as useless. What’s the point of a fancy display if you can’t see anything on it? You should be able to see the scores from the throwing zone. Usually, a well-lit LCD display can achieve this. An even better option is an LED screen.

Player Count

There are two aspects to this one. These are the maximum number of players and how you intend to play. Each board has a maximum number of players it can accommodate. For some boards, the individual number differs from the team number and you must observe this difference if it exists. For instance, there are some boards that only allow four individual players, however, they can manage two teams of four, which is a total of eight players.

Make the selection here based on the maximum number of players you plan to accommodate and how you plan to play.

budget electronic dart boardsPower Source

If these boards are electronic, they need to be powered to carry out their functions, right? Typically, power is provided to boards by AC current or by battery power. While some boards offer the convenience of choosing either, some boards are only able to use one, and other boards need a combination of both to make use of all its features.

This factor also has bearing on where you place the board. If you’re going to be using AC power, then chances are you do have to place it near an electrical outlet. In that case, you can set it and forget it. On the other hand, batteries allow more freedom of placement, but it is advisable to place it somewhere that is easily reachable considering it is going to be taken down to replace batteries ever so often.


If you imagine just throwing darts at a board with the same objective repeatedly, that can get boring and feel repetitive. The board is supposed to circumvent this by offering varying objectives. The more games a board has, the more ways you have at your disposal to play. Additionally, variations or options allow you to place modifiers on these games, which allow you to play the same game in multiple ways. Considering this, it is advisable to get a board with a fair number of games and variations/options.


The size of the board you buy is another consideration. What is the purpose of this board? Where do you plan to place it? What is your skill level? The standard size for the target area of a board is 15.5 inches. While this size allows you to practice on a professional sized board, the questions posed are also important. The target area does not represent the entire size of the board. So, a 15.5-inch target area may be on a board that has an overall diameter of 18 inches.

A smaller board is easier to slot into space on your wall. A larger board is easier to play on if your skill level is not particularly high. A standard sized board or smaller would be best to practice on for professional purposes. Consider these factors before you decide what size you prefer for your board.

Inclusions in Purchase

Another consideration is the things that are bundled in the purchase. Typically, it is best to seek a board that is shipped with all the additional things you need. Some boards do not ship with the necessary power source(s), some boards do not ship with the requisite mounting equipment, and some boards are not bundled with proper instructions.

Listings usually describe what they offer, and the intention should be to have to spend as little additional money as possible to get the complete set of necessities to begin your game.


Discussing factors such as features, variations, or sizes becomes irrelevant if the price point for a board cannot be met because it is out of a budget. Typically, the price of a board is more expensive the more it offers. Obviously, you want as many of the cool stuff as you can get but what can you realistically afford? Think of a maximum budget and try to find something that that has an optimal mix of features within your budget.


Darts is a fun activity that can encourage friendly competition and help to bring family and friends together. To ensure that you are safe and that you have a board that you can enjoy without feeling frustrated, it is important to select the electronic board that best fits your need and budget.

Once you make the right selection, however, you can look forward to fun memories in your future.

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